Thursday, April 28, 2011

Pregnant and Ecstatic!

I will be 15 weeks pregnant tomorrow. Things are going great! My pants are less comfortable. Everything is right on track! I haven't suffered from nausea or morning sickness which has been a huge blessing! Literally. When I was first pregnant I was sick and had a slight fever and it made me nervous so I had Vince give me a blessing. It was a beautiful blessing and in it I was promised that my pregnancy would be relatively painless in recompense for the pains I went through waiting to be able to get pregnant.

I have really learned a lot during this year and half that we've been trying to get pregnant. For one, God has to try us and WANTS to try us to make us stronger. But while we are being tried he doesn't turn his head and let us deal with it. He is with us the whole time if we will let him be. He knows our pain and our suffering and when the trial is done he is so happy to bless us! Our family has been blessed so much! Vince has an intership and possible job offer with a great firm that will be perfect for us. I was able to get pregnant despite the doctors saying that we would have to use invitro fertilization or at least chlomid, but we did it all by ourselves (and Heavenly Father, of course, the best fertility treatment around!) This summer I was even able to get a job at Vince's office which will be perfect for us! We found a great family to rent our apartment for the summer. Vince's parents are willing to take Nyx while we're out here. I haven't been sick at all during pregnancy!! Everything has just lined up perfectly! We have just been blessed so so so much I can't be grateful enough! I almost feel in debt now for how much we've received. Let me also just say that the scriptures have been a huge help. I remember a saying I heard while in Young Women that said we would all be tried like Abraham if we wanted to receive all the blessings Abraham received. During that trying time waiting to get pregnant, I realized I wasn't being tried like Abraham, but I WAS being tried the exact same way Abraham's wife Sarah was tried. (I just hoped it wouldn't take as long to get pregnant as it took Sarah!) Well it worked! After knowing I had PCOS (ovarian cysts) and wasn't ovulating and Vince's stats were such that he probably wouldn't be able to get me pregnant anyway, all our hopes were shot. The only thing we could have hope for was the power of God and that's exactly what it took.

Anyway, the first doctor's appointment was so exciting! But I was really nervous too! Sometimes I was scared that I wanted to be pregnant so bad my body was producing some symptoms of pregnancy without anything being there (dang CSI for putting ideas like that in my head)! It was such a relief to see our little baby actually inside of me thanks to the ultrasound! What did people do without technology?! I try not to be emotional in doctors' offices (I've done it too many times) so I tried really hard not to cry, but I did a little bit anyway. It was just so amazing! We got to see my baby move and squirm and we saw all the bones and little organs. It looked great!

By the way, I'm trying really hard not to say "he" and "his." We both thought we'd have a girl first especially with Vince's family's record (we have 8 nieces and just 2 nephews) but once I got pregnant we both felt like it's a boy. I asked Vince once, "What if we're just completely wrong and it's a girl?" Vince's response was, "if the church is true we're having a boy!" I don't think having a girl would shake his testimony but he just has a really strong feeling that it's a boy and I'm ok with that :) I really wouldn't mind having a girl though, they have cuter clothes and accessories! Which makes boys a lot cheaper! Haha.

Well, tomorrow my baby will be 13 weeks old (15 weeks pregnant, but that includes a week of period and a week until you ovulate) and will be about 4 inches long and 2.5 ounces. That's about the size of an apple! Think of me when you eat any apples this week!


  1. What an awesome post Rachel! You said some things I really needed to hear. I'm so happy for you and Vince! Best of luck to you both! I think of you often and glad we can keep in touch on FB and with blogs!
    Love ya!

  2. That was so fun to read! And I'm so glad you're joining the take-your-own-photo-in-the-bathroom-mirror club. I'm 14 weeks today! It really is a miracle how everything works out so perfectly, in the right way, even when we don't think so during the trial. Thank you for this uplifting post!

  3. Such a nice post Rach! I'm so glad that you are recieving so many blessings! Congratulations again on being pregnant! You are going to be an amazing mom!

  4. What a cute little apple!! I'm so sorry you had to go through what you did, what a trial. You and Vince are going to be the funnest parents, your little belly is adorable :)

  5. Congrats you guys! We are so excited for you both!