Monday, September 7, 2009

Law School!

Vince started law school at BYU and he's thriving! He's been really good about staying on campus long enough to get all his reading and homework done. He has only had to stay late a couple of days (by late I mean around 6 o'clock). He loves telling me all about lawyery things and old cases and laws and stuff that go way over my head. Anyway, he seems like he's really liking it and is getting excited about the profession. We already went to a fancy dinner and it was a lot of fun to get a glimpse into what could become more common in our future. Our future is looking delicious! I'm just working at the same job at the law office and nothing is really new. Our dog, Nyx, is doing well too. Vince's brother Mac was living with us for a few weeks while he was looking for somewhere to live for MBA school. He just moved out this weekend and I think Nyx misses the extra playmate. They were buddies and she would go to his bedroom door every morning to wake him up. Sorry Nyx, cool Uncle Mac has his own life. So now you know what we're doing. Sorry we still don't have pictures.