Tuesday, September 14, 2010

An Awesome Labor-Dabor-Day Event!

Yeah, I know Labor Day was more than a week ago, but then again, I haven't posted on here in the last year...so count your blessings. We had some friends, Todd, Whitney, and unborn baby, over for dinner the Sunday before Labor Day, and in casual conversation they talked about a book sale at the Park City Library where a friend go 400 books for $80. It sounded like a good deal to me, so we went to the sale with Todd and Whitney. $5 got you all you could carry in a free tote bag. Granted, they had a lot of stuff that was fairly worthless (romance novels, 32 hardbacks of the Da Vinci Code, and a Regis and Cathy Lee Cookbooks) and most of what was left of the history section was Nazi related (apparently Nazis buy books only to burn them, but aren't willing to burn their own literature), but overall it was an incredible deal. They had a good amount of contemporary classics and eclectic gems (Like an old Hymnbook, How to Fix Almost Everything (I add in, as long as it was made before 1970)). It would be difficult to list everything we got, but it was over 50 books for $10. Not a bad deal in my book, or for my books. I know where I will be next Labor Day, if I have some space to keep what I got this Labor Day.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

After almost a year of absence....

We're back! I'm still at the law office and Vince is still going to law school which means he's not doing anything right now. Actually he's sick. And if human waste were confetti it would be like a constant party upstairs and down! As it is he's just pretty miserable. Earlier this summer he had an internship in Santa Ana, California which went really well. The attorneys he worked with really liked him and wanted him to stay for the rest of the summer. While we would have liked the extra money for the summer Vince decided I was more important and sacrificed that opportunity come back home and be with me. They completely understood his decision and still want him to come back next summer and if he keeps being as awesome as he is he might have a job offer after graduation. I just keep being the bread-winner/bacon-bring-homer/daily-grinder for the law office. One day we'll make a baby and I'll get out of that duty but not yet. Next time something huge happens in our lives or if we remember, we'll update again. Until next time.