Thursday, May 14, 2009

California Trip

Vince and I took a great trip to California with my sisters Ann and Jess and their husbands Kenta and Erik. It was such a fun trip and a great way to celebrate graduation! Here are some pictures! (Just a very few of the many we took).

These are picutres of Nyx on the way to California for our big summer trip. She slept pretty much the whole way and found so many ridiculous positions I just had to document them. So there you go.

Vince and I petting deer at the San Diego Wild Animal Park. It was fun. One buck kept rubbing his horns up against us. It was had to be there.

The Lorikeet house was fun. As soon as we walked in one of them landed on my head. I didn't even have to pay $3 for nectar!
Man or ape? You decide.Vince after the tea cups. We spun really fast and got really sick. Oy. It was worth it. (That's Jess's husband Erik in the background taking a picture with the white shirt.)

My sisters and me at Disneyland! In age order from left to right: (Virginia) Ann, Jessica, Me. This was right before seeing the new and improved (maybe) Small World ride.
This is the Friday night Dodger game we went to. After the game they had fireworks and we got to sit on the field and watch them. That's Dodger grass you see there!

We left Nyx with Vince's dad and brother, Mac, while we were gone and when we got back she seemed SO much bigger. I took this picture to compare with the earlier ones we took in the car. I don't know if you can tell but she seems at least three inches longer. Just for a reference, when we went to her first vet visit she weighed about 8 pounds and three weeks later she was almost 16 pounds! She almost doubled in 3 weeks! It's insane.

Now you've seen some of our trip! I might post more stuff on facebook so check that out to see more of it.

Saturday, May 9, 2009


We got a dog! Sorry it's slow in coming. We got her April 15. She's a lab/golden retriever mix but they think that there must be rottweiler blood back there somewhere because she's brown with tan rottweiler markings. Her name is Nyx. It's the name of the Greek goddess of night. We're not like Greek mythology geeks or anything, we just wanted a girl name that's not too girly and that seemed to work. So now you know! This picture is the day we got her when she was six weeks old.