Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Eleanor 10 Months

I am lucky enough to have an amazing friend named Kati Ellis. She's a professional photographer and usually does things like interiors, food photography, and other amazing photography things (this is her business's website: http://ellislanephotography.com/ ). I'm also lucky enough that our babies are the same age so when she was taking his 10 month pictures she invited us over to get some pictures too! This is her work (plus a little of what Vince and I could add by giving Eleanor our genes, but we can't take all the credit):

I just love seeing those glowing eyes, luscious lips, and skooshy rolls in all their glory. Thank heaven for great friends and beautiful babies!

Friday, September 7, 2012

When Dad's Away the Girls Will Play

Vince is in Las Vegas for a "continuing education in law" thing which makes for a boring weekend for us. But like I always tell people, when your husband is gone don't sit and mope about it, turn it into an opportunity for some fun! So Eleanor and I had a girls' night tonight! Here is the proof:

We started the night by putting on Tangled. Eleanor hadn't seen it yet (and because Zachery Levi is my Vince replacement). So, of course, we had to have some  movie snacks. My favorite: popcorn and peanut M&Ms. And for Eleanor: Cheerios and yogurt dots (her favorite "junk" food):

She loved the snacks. She picked all the yogurt dots out first. She ended up watching the movie for all of 10 minutes :)

After snacks we painted toenails. I figured the best way I could accomplish this was if Eleanor was in her high chair. So I distracted her with green beans while I painted her toes...I mean toenails....ok, mostly toes. But the left overs will wash off. I got some off with polish remover, but it's hard to do anything with these wiggly feet!

Then it was dessert time! Banana splits!! (Eleanor's is blueberry yogurt instead of ice cream, poor kid). She loved it though! She ate the entire thing! in true girls' night fashion :)

 Then we just had fun rolling around on the floor with pillows and blankets:

Can you tell she was having fun? Haha:

She really did think it was fun having all the pillows on the ground. 

This is one of her favorite toys. I call him Snuggle Puppy, she likes to attack his face and snuggle into him on the ground. He had to come out for the movie night.

I got some snuggles too. Mostly she was just attacking my face.

So I got her back.

We still miss Daddy, but we had a fun girls' night together! The first of many I hope. It'll be even more fun when she can have fun watching the movie with me :) I love my girl!