Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Update with Pictures!

I'm at work, with very little to do except read and get ready for school. So, I decided to blog. This one goes out for all you who follow us compulsively on our blog, but never actually get into real contact with us. And yes, I know I just described us and our disposition to you as well.

Rachel has an interview today with Tahitian Noni, so for everybody that reads this before noon today, pray for her. We really hope she gets this job as it will get her out of her current situation and give her a pay raise. Also, I am quitting my job pretty soon, so that of course makes me happy, although I'm trading paid work in for paying to do school work.

I'm really excited to start law school here in a few weeks. The only problem is I'm getting the littlest taste of what it will be like and its scaring me. The summer work issued by certain professors and the school in general is more than I had to do for a number of my undergrad courses. Its not too tough and it is useful work, but it just scares me that I have to write papers and start studying before I step onto campus (kinda makes me feel like I'm in a summer term at Hogwarts (Rachel and I have started reading Harry Potter again)). I'm mostly freaking out because I haven't really been in school for the past year and a half so I feel dumb. I already bought my books. The dent in finances wasn't too bad, and I got most of my books either new or close to it. I finally heard back on financial aid, and we qualified for enough to pay tuition and live so that made Rachel and me very happy...until we have to pay it back of course.

So I got my new laptop and it was supposed to have a card reader for our digital camera. Ends up Lenovo lies. So now we can't get our pictures off our camera until we buy a new cable for it. The whole point of this story is to tell you these pictures were taken with the camera on my lappy, and that's why they're so crappy. But as you can see, our dog is much bigger than before, doesn't have blue eyes, and still has huge ears. Oh, and she still looks like a butterscotch snak-pak.

Funny story. Okay, maybe not funny but a little amusing/wierd/this is the only thing worth writing about it my life right now. Today. 6:45 AM. I hear a very non-rythmic thumping as I lay in bed hanging onto my last semblances of sleep. I figure Rachel is up and just making a bit of noise as she gets ready. I roll out of bed and find the crazy neighbor kid pounding on the window by our door and barking. When I realized what it was I asked Rachel to give me a bazooka for Christmas. Oh, and yesterday she tried climbing through our open window to get a look at our puppy. I told her to go home and fought with her to get the window closed. I was pretty surprised though, when I yelled at her she just smiled at me. Apparently she doesn't spook too easy.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Updates, No pictures. So no one will read this.

Ok, so it's been awhile. I'd like to say I've been busy which I suppose I have, but being graduated and all I would think that I'd have tons of time on my hands! I do. But I still don't do much. Just a quick update:

A. I'm working at a law office that does collections. I process papers that get sent in from hospitals and stuff and I have to say if they're suable or not. So, yeah, I sue people and it makes me sad. I might take my bro-in-laws job when he goes to MBA school in the fall. I still have to interview and stuff but it would be nice to get out of the suing business. I'll leave that to Vince, which brings us to #2!
2. Vince starts law school at BYU in the fall. He's excited. He already got his schedule, new laptop, and that back to school glow. Everything he needs to be a good law student! It's going to be intense (like camping) but he's going to blow that law school out of the water!
d. Our dog is a beast. The pictures we have of her on here are a long gone memory. That was when she was about 8 she's 40. Fatty. She really is big and getting bigger all the time. But she's also turning into a better dog! She's biting less and wanting scratches more. With the nice summer weather she has also turned into the neighborhood porch dog. She's out there all the time tied up to our hose thing. The neighbor kids come and torture her when they see it, I'm sure she loves it.
*. Just a bonus update: those neighborhood kids are annoying!! We have a couple of foreign (maybe Turkish?) kids that are long time visitors for our neighbors and they're probably like 6 and 7 years old or so? Anyway, they found out we have a dog and that she likes to sit inside our door and look out the window next to it so they've started coming over and squatting on our porch pounding the window and doors and trying to make our dog bark. They are also successful in making me want to teach our dog the "sic em" command. The little girl (who either has communication-non-speaking-English problems or some sort of mental retardation) even opened our front door once! She took one look at Vince on the couch and closed it again, but come on! I'd understand if it were just the kids, but the mom just stands there and doesn't do anything! Anyway, now I hate kids. Babies would seem so much more appealing if they didn't turn into kids.
6. We have a new car! It has air conditioning, hallelujah! That's the important part. The other info is it's a 2001 Acura MDX dark green, tan interior, all the amenities, and a great deal! I love it, any name suggestions are welcome. Anyway, the reason we got something bigger is so we could have a dog and babies without them mingling and one eating the other. So it's perfect.
5. I updated my blog. Ta da!