Wednesday, June 29, 2011

It's a GIRL!! Now what?

We're having a girl!! We're very excited and already went shopping for her! I had Vince pick out her first outfit so he could get excited about the whole girl thing. (He still liked the boy clothes better.) He picked a really good one. It's white with 3 light blue bows across the waist (empire waist) and light blue flowers stitched along the bottom. I'll have to post a picture later but we left it in our car in Utah for storage. It's an 18 month size dress so she won't be wearing it for awhile. My parents also contributed a trip to Kid to Kid where a bought a BUNCH of cute stuff! I know I'll get a ton of clothes for baby showers and stuff but I just couldn't help myself! Clothes are the most exciting part of having a girl so I had to live it up!

I can't tell in this picture if she actually has a dog face or if the angle is just weird and it looks like her nose and mouth stick out a lot. I'm sure she'll be cute when she comes out though (well, a couple hours later maybe).

I love her chubby little legs! They said she's a little light but still within the normal range. I don't mind if she stays skinny until she comes out, then we'll make her nice and chubby! With my genes she won't be able to avoid it :)

I love this picture of her cute little feet! I've been feeling them move around in there more and more! Last Saturday while we were at the cabin even Vince got to feel them! I was lying down and felt her move from the outside (first time ever)! So I called Vince over in the off chance that he would feel her too. I wasn't expecting much though. He came over and pressed his head to my belly right under my belly button and it only took a few seconds until I felt her squirm and saw Vince's head move! He looked up and said, "did you do that?" I said no. He pressed his head down again and the same thing happened twice more! I asked him if he was moving his ear or something and he said no. That was her! She kicked harder than she ever has and it was just for her daddy! She's a daddy's-girl already. I know she's going to adore him and vice versa!

She really looks like Donkey Kong in this picture but it's supposed to be of her arms which you can see above her head. I really can't tell what the rest of it is anymore. It made more sense during the ultrasound.

So we were both thinking that she was going to be a boy and it's taken some adjustment for me to accept that she's a girl. It's bad. I'm a little jealous of everyone on facebook announcing boys or even just those people who guessed right. I know it's a not a big deal but I just really wanted to be right. And it seemed like having a boy would be perfect. Vince's side has 8 girls and 2 boys so it would have evened out that side of the family a little bit. My sister is pregnant with a boy and my other sister has an almost 9 month old boy and I thought it would be great to have those 3 little boys running around. We even had a great name for a boy that I was totally in love with and was ready to start calling him out loud. But it's a girl. All my plans are thrown off. I don't love any girl names. I was even planning a pretty neutral nursery but now I'm realizing it's too boyish so I need to girl it up a little. The first night we knew, I had a little break down and started crying and realized I'm terrified of girls; not babies, but anything older than that, yeah! Teenagers are especially bad. Girls always hate their moms. I think it's more rare to have a good relationship with your mom than not. I don't want her to hate me. So now I need to poll all my friends who like their moms and figure out how they did it! I'm sure it will turn out fine and Vince told me all about why I'd be a good mom (he's such a good husband). That's the other thing; I'm already planning on her liking Vince more than me. It's just what happens. Maybe my hormones are getting away from me. Or maybe it's the disappointment of being wrong. But I'm having a little bit of a hard time.

But then I tell myself that baby girls are so cute! I can't wait to teach her how to draw and read and write and gospel stuff and everything I've learned as a girl. I know there will be so many good times ahead and can't get weighed down with everything I'm worried about. I want to be happy and excited about having my only first baby ever so why ruin it for myself?? So yes! I'm very excited to be having a girl! She was a miracle and I know she will continue to be a huge blessing to me and our family. (Any mom advice is still welcome! Thanks anybody who has anything to say!)